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Automechanika Frankfurt
Frankfurt (Germany)
[11/09/2018 -> 15/09/2018]
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EGEA Working Groups

At EGEA we achieve our goals largely and effectively through the effort of a number of working groups, each with a clearly defined purpose.

The EGEA working groups are:

  • Working Group 1 - Vehicle Lifting Equipment
  • Working Group 2 - Diagnostics/Emissions/OBD
  • Working Group 4 - Wheel/Tyre Service Equipment
  • Working Group 5 - Spray Booths/Ovens
  • Working Group 6 - Braking/Suspension Testers  
  • Working Group 7 - Market Information/Exhibition
  • Working Group 8 - Extraction and Filter Systems
  • Working Group 9 - Mobile Air-Conditioning Systems
  • Working Group 10 - European Vehicle Test Equipment Network
EGEA is stepping up its activities to better meet the needs of its members and reflect the speed of development in our industry. This is why we have decided to set up a new Working Group 9 on "Mobile Air-Conditioning Systems".
The working groups are a key resource for EGEA wherein our members can actively participate in a self-organised way. This approach allows a more targeted way of tackling specific issues, especially when it comes to our technical work, by using our resources in the most efficient way. Every working group has a chairman who is responsible for the content-related work of his group and the communication flow between the participants.
All members of EGEA have access to all working groups' documents and can use the member area on our website to download meeting results, studies, legal texts etc.



Motor Vehicle Emission Group

EGEA participates in the Motor Vehicle Emission Group, which is a Working Group under the auspices of the European Commission, Directorate-General Enterprise Unit Automotive Industry. The objectives of the MVEG are: completing, adapting and simplifying the Internal Market regulatory framework, promoting globalisation of the technical regulatory framework through the UN/ECE.


CITA (International Motor Vehicle Inspection Committee)

EGEA participates in the activities of CITA. This Committee aims at improving road safety and protecting the environment as well as developing best practice on compulsory inspection internationally. CITA is an worldwide forum for exchanging information, experience and expertise. It co-ordinates and promotes research and studies, organises conferences and seminars. More on www.cita-vehicleinspection.org.